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I haven’t been completely inactive for the last month or so since my last post.

I’ve written three articles for Corner of the Galaxy, and had two published.

Screenplay #2 is done. At least the first draft. 35 writing days out of 50 calendar days, which is a pretty good pace for me lately.

I’m still transcribing The Novel. Down to about 20,000 words left. I’ve started transcribing Screenplay #2.

Have I mentioned that I hate transcription? If you want a case of tedium to go, take up transcription. It’s making me rethink (again) my choices to write in longhand for my first drafts. Longhand gives me more flexibility during the initial composition phase, but I pay for it during transcription. It’d be easier to just type the first draft, I think. Except for that whole flexibility thing.

The Next Project hasn’t come to me yet. Not that I need to wait for inspiration before I start, but the premise for Script #2 had been flapping around the inside of my skull for quite awhile before I decided to start on it. I don’t have any festering sores in there that need a good picking yet, but I need to find something soon. Not writing is much harder on me that writing is.

Anyway. I’m still writing. Nothing ready to send out for sale yet, but that time is drawing slowly closer. I’ll mention it when the time comes, but that shan’t be for awhile, I fear.

Back to the transcription.

Keep writing. It sure beats the alternative.