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  1. Writing every day sucks. Sometimes nothing good comes to you. If you’re lucky on those days, anything that comes to you has to be counted as a win. No matter how bad it is.
  2. Writing every day is wonderful. On the good days, there almost isn’t anything better. The story flows from your brain and the page soaks the words up like a sponge. An hour or two will pass without you being aware of it and you’re 3,000 words closer to The End.
  3. A good part of what you write is crap, but a fair amount isn’t. A sentence might be good, even a paragraph, but it doesn’t fit the story. Or the words, sentences, and paragraphs are horrible and some nugget turns out to be gold – an idea, a plot twist, a new character.
  4. Just leave the crap behind and promise to make it better in the re-write.
  5. Re-writes are inevitable. No one (that I know of) writes a perfect first draft of anything. You are not an exception to that rule.
  6. Half the people that give advice – in person, books, or internet articles – are brilliant. Gods among mortals. They have the Secret and are worthy of your attention.
  7. The other half are complete idiots that have no clue about what it takes to write anything.
  8. The hard part is figuring out the difference. What makes it even more fun is that my idiot might be your genius and my genius your gibbering fool.
  9. During the first draft stage, it’s more important to get the story on paper than worry about spine, plot, theme, your secondary character’s b-story, the save-the-cat moment, character arc, the villain’s motivation, or anything else the Gurus tell you need to be the Focus of Your Attention. Just get the story on the page. Fix the rest in post.
  10. You will change, or at least your writing will, and for the better. After 50, 100, or in my case, 300 thousand words, you will see improvement.
  11. Finally, The End is a glorious place to be. But you have to get there first. I got there eventually, but I would have arrived much earlier if I had written every. single. day.

So go write.