And by that I mean, “Still slacking when it comes to working on the blog.”  No matter my good intentions, this one thing keeps getting pushed lower and lower on the priority list. Family, work, writing, Scouts, all reside higher up the food chain than this. If something needs to be sacrificed, it’s always the blog that suffers.

As writers, we are constantly making choices. Choices about characters, about plots and about twists. Who lives. Who dies. When we write. Where we write.

If we write.

That last decision, to me, is the all-important one. If we write, everything else is easy, relatively. The path to the end shortens, even if only by a little bit. Even just a few words bring us closer to the terminal point. So many positives to be found in the act of sitting down and putting words on paper. We eventually finish a story, or a screenplay, or a novel. We end up with a ‘something’, a real thing, that we can look at with pride and say, “We made this.”

But if we don’t write, that target, that destination, stays always over the horizon, always remains the ‘what might have been’. That is sad.

I’m sure I have beat this horse to death, gotten it up and ridden it ten miles, and beat it to death again. If you’re going to write, write. Sit your ass down in the chair and write. Nothing else counts. Nothing else matters.

You can talk up how good you are, how great your story is, what an awesome idea you have, how your movie is going to be the greatest thing since Kurosawa. If you don’t ever put it on paper, you’re just one of those people that talk about writing instead of actually writing.

I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t have time to listen to you.

I’m too busy writing.

Keep at it.