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I’m not sure what is more difficult for me, the actual writing of new material, or the transcription of said material into the computer.

The former is certainly more mentally challenging. Creating a new thought or idea, or the continuation of one can be taxing, frustrating, and difficult, especially when you’re stuck, but when the words flow, they can pour out of you like water flowing out of a spillway. Nothing can hold them back when they want to come.

Transcription, thought, feels like a karmic repayment for however hard or easy a particular writing session went. If you struggled on a given day, typing the few words you put out into the computer is simple, easy, and a breeze. However, the universe seems to conspire to heap misery on me as compensation for the ‘easy’ writing day. Typing the greater number of words is tedious and difficult.

I try to remain thankful for having more words to type, but at about the 1,000 word mark, when my carpal tunnels are screaming at me and my fingers are aching, it’s hard to be grateful.

First World problem, right?

I’m considering offering one of my kids a way to earn some extra money by doing my transcription for me.

It sounds great in theory, but I would then lose the chance to give a first, cursory review and edit to my work as it goes into the word processor. A different word here, a change in order there, and the First Draft receives some minor improvement before it’s done.

I’m sure the good outweighs the bad. I will consign myself to doing my own administrative work going forward, and do it for my own good, and the good of The Work.  My carpal tunnels will have to live with it. I will live with it.

The Struggle Continues.


PS – if anyone has some ideas on how to stay productive during the Holiday Season, with all its demands on time and attention, I’d love to hear them.

PPS – The Novel sits at just under 189k words, as of the transcription for Nov 6th. Looking at what’s in longhand, I think I might be over the 200k hump, but won’t know for sure until it’s all in the computer.