…might be, ‘So, did you hit your goal?’  Close runner up is ‘How far off are you/were you?’

Truth is, I don’t know.  I’m currently about two weeks behind on my transcription (I’m getting ready to start typing what I’d written on the 3rd of this month), so I’m really not sure.

The choice has boiled down to either writing or transcribing, and I’ve pretty much voted for writing. Writing counts for score. Transcription doesn’t.

My gut tells me I fell short (which my previous post, ‘Math’, laid out in clear terms).

The good news is, my gut also tells me that I’m pretty close. I’ve had  a good stretch lately where the words have flowed and most of my sessions have been somewhere around 1,000 words each. Given the small amount of time I get to write without interruption in a given day, that doesn’t suck.

I will provide another update when I get caught up more, or if another topic urging me to bring it out into the open comes up. Until then, keep writing more than you talk about writing.