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Not really, but I wanted to give an update on where The Novel stands in relation to The Goal.

As of the latest day I’ve completed the transcription for, I’m at 181,000 words, more or less.  In the notebook I’m writing in, I might have another 10k words left to type (I’m 8 days behind).

That leaves me about 9k words short of the goal. Unless something amazing happens, like I’m sucked into a time warp and have infinite amounts of time available to me, and given my typical production rate of about 800 words/day, it will take me about two weeks to get to 200,000 words.

Two weeks behind isn’t world ending. I will surely survive, but if you recall from the last post, ‘Math,’ I’m paying today for the days I didn’t write anything at all. Even if I’d put in 100 words on most of those days, I’d only be a week, or a few days, off target instead of half a month.

Every day matters. You don’t have to write every day. But you need to write most days. And you need to remember that every day you aren’t writing comes at a cost. Sooner or later, that bill becomes due, and I’m now settling up with mine.