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While sitting and knocking out some transcription tonight, I came to the realization that I have been really down and negative on where things are going with The Novel and how it’s coming along.

I didn’t start this blog so it could be a platform for me to vent my spleen. Mention the trials and tribulations, yes. Vomit poison onto the page, no.

Maybe this had been instructive in a number of ‘how not tos’. If you got anything out of my last half dozen or so posts, then good for you. You found the needle in the haystack, and I applaud you.

Things have been much less solution oriented than I’d like lately.  While I’m not the person you should come to with ‘what page exactly should I put the first plot twist so it properly supports the spine of the story, develops the plot and paces the thematic elements…’

That’s not my thing. My approach to writing is much less academic. I do struggle with things that other writers (I presume) struggle with, and my posts have been written with the intent to demonstrate how I got through the hard times in the hopes that my solutions will help someone else.

Going forward, I will endeavour to return to what had been the plan before. If I lapse again, please feel free to reach out and give me a good hard slap. I’ll probably need it. 😉


PS – I listened to an interesting podcast today that discussed dropping the word ‘aspiring’ when describing yourself. If you write, you’re a write. There’s not anything ‘aspiring’ about it.  You can find the podcast here:

It’s also available on iTunes. And no, I don’t get anything if you visit their site, download the podcast or anything like that. Just enjoy.