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The efforts to restore myself to a semblance of a regular schedule have been taxing.

My best (ie, most productive) time of day to write has been taken off the table by my new job.  Writing when there are other people awake in the house with me is certain to cause mission failure, so I have reverted to sitting down at my desk in the middle hours of the night.  That works all right, but at the cost of about an hour of sleep if I have any kind of struggle at all getting the words down.

Finding time to post here in my blog hasn’t been easy either. The computer I use is given over to the higher priority tasks of school work.

The only thing I have managed to maintain with any real consistency is my daily journal.  I can count the number of days I’ve missed in that over the last six months on the fingers of one hand.

My daily average that I must put on paper has rollercoastered a little bit, and currently sits at 658 words  per day between now and Nov 13th if I hope to hit my target of 200,000 words in the Novel by then. Assuming I don’t finish the damn thing first, which isn’t bloody likely at the rate I’m going.

The struggle continues.

Once again, I lend my congratulations and waves of envy to anyone that manages any sort of productivity while juggling the demands of family, work, and home, not to mention any outside activities that might be thrown into the mix.