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I am at that point (again) in my story where I’m bogged down. It’s like I’ve got that lead curtain the dentist drops on your gut when he’s going to x-ray your teeth.

All I want to do is get to the end, or an end, to this monstrosity. I think I’ve laid the groundwork for an ending. I kind of have an idea of where it’s going to go, but I can’t fight through the swamp and get there.


The thing is, I’m psychologically prepared to be absolutely brutal in my editing and revision.  There are big chunks, as I’ve mentioned before, that are going to get cut.

There will be no kidding around with the revision process.

I’m not worried about a number of things.  There is a plan under consideration to change the perspective from first to third person.  Stuff will be moved around, assuming it survives. There will be no fear at all.  Screenwriting, at least the one script I’ve completed, taught me that.

Be fearless.

Leave only the Necessary.

I want to get to the cutting. I have a sharp knife and I know how to use it.

But the wading through the swampy morass that is my first draft is killing me.  I almost want someone to bludgeon me in my sleep and put me out of my misery.

The work continues, now at 162,000 words and counting. I am plodding along with the goal of 200,000 words dead in my sights.

Lord, I want it to be done.  Not to be done so I can slack off, but so I can start fixing it. I see the problems – have seen the problems with it since almost the first day.  And I’ve got feedback from Trusted Reader #2 still to go through and apply to the revision of The Script.

I started this project because it was a Want To. I need to finish it before it becomes a Have To.  Have To’s are no fun. More enjoyment has been drawn out of otherwise fun things by those two words than everything else combined.

So I am putting on the hip waders and moving from the keyboard to the writing desk, picking up my pen, shutting my pie hole, and getting to work. Maybe tonight will be the night I find the ending.


But we won’t find out unless we actually sit down and write, will we?