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I’ve been away for awhile. A big part of that is because I haven’t had much to say. The biggest part is that I started a new job with regular hours and days and stuff and I’m still getting used to the schedule.  Finding time to write anything has been a bear.

Not only have I missed four of my ‘regular’ blog postings, I’ve missed two or three days of writing over the last two weeks. Some of the days I have written, I’ve only managed to put about 500 words down, far below what I consider my minimum of about 1000.

I’ve a new-found respect, or newly-rediscovered respect, for all of you that put in 40+ hours a week, have family and other commitments, and still get your 500, 1000, 2000, or whatever words a day out.  Until recently, I’ve been able to just pick and hour or two out of my day and say ‘this will do.’

I don’t have that luxury anymore.

That isn’t a complaint, or a request for pity from anyone. Only an observation.

Currently, I’m using the insomnia that’s carried over from setting my own schedule and staying up late at night to write. That won’t last long. Getting by on six hours or less of sleep a night isn’t something I can maintain indefinitely.

I am interested in hearing any ideas, tricks, ploys, schemes, or plans anyone might have or have used to squeeze a chunk of time of their day to get some work done.  If you’ve got something that might be helpful, please throw it out there. Besides helping me, you might be helping someone else overcome the same, or a similar, hurdle.