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My last few posts have been more about what hasn’t been going well rather than what has or does happen that is positive.

You might wonder why I keep at it, or how I keep at it, if I’m always confronted by such misery and obstacles.

I’ve found a few resources that I check out with some regularity that keep me inspired and moving forward. It’s a combination of websites and podcasts that I thoroughly enjoy and help me maintain a fresh perspective, and as they are typically hosted by or interviews of people more successful than myself, they remind me of the long term goals. Successful publication.  Reaching the end. Getting something completed that I’d be proud of sharing with other people.  Money would nice, but that isn’t the be-all or end-all for me at this point in my life.

Your mileage may vary.

Some blogs/websites I find helpful:

Anne Mini’s blog, ‘Author, Author.’ http://www.annemini.com/   Anne’s posts tend to be very long and well thought out and are very much from the perspective of an editor or someone you would encounter in publishing business.

Advice to Writers. http://www.advicetowriters.com/     Daily inspirational quotes (pages of pages of them, if you want to scroll through them all), along with links to articles, interviews, lists of tips, how to’s.  All sorts of things.  Generally not as in depth as Anne’s blog, but a place to check into for a small injection of motivation.

The NaNoWriMo Pep Talks, set up around the National Novel Writing Month that happens every November. http://nanowrimo.org/pep-talks     The Pep Talks go back as far as 2007, and are quite interesting.

The Podcasts that I listen to.  Some of them have language that is certainly ‘adult’. Exercise some discretion in your listening. (I found all of these through iTunes, btw.)

Nerdist Writer’s Panel – http://www.nerdist.com/podcast_channel/nerdist-writers-panel-channel/   Interviews with a number of writers/creators in film, novels, gaming, and comics.  Interviews are about an hour long each and give, I feel, some good perspectives on what goes on in different media environments, and also on ‘what it takes’ to get your content onto the market and the interviewees are good about talking about what’s gone well and what hasn’t. Some very open and informative people are on this show.

Austin Film Festival’s ‘On Story.’ – http://www.onstory.tv/  I stumbled on this via the PBS show of the same name. Interviews of screenwriters talking about either their own careers, a particular film, or a theme in film.

Writing Excuses – http://www.writingexcuses.com/   Very short ‘casts. A panel of three or four discuss topics in writing.  Tends to be towards the academic/book-learnin’ side of things and throw around terms like theme, arc, spine, etc., but is interesting.  Sometimes they have guests come in to contribute to the conversation.  This podcast feels the most like being in a classroom, if that makes any sense.

Writers on Writing – http://www.barbarademarcobarrett.com/writersonwriting/  Re-broadcasts from the radio show out of the University of Irvine, CA.  One on one interviews with authors, usually two an episode. Well done show. I like the exposure I get to authors of works that I probably don’t read.

Dead Robot Society – http://deadrobotssociety.com/  Three or four independent/hybrid authors discuss their current projects and selected topics in the world of writing and publishing.  Other than the Nerdist’s panel, this is probably the most fun and the most profane.  A great balance between being informative and entertaining.

Anyway, I hope these help anyone else that has trouble staying motivated to write like I do.