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My writing schedule needs adjustment.  Recently, I’ve been doing my writing late at night, starting at somewhere between 11pm and midnight and going until about 1am.

While the absolute peace and quiet at that hour is wonderful and magnificent, the effect it has on me the next day isn’t. I don’t need much sleep, but going to bed that late is cutting my nappy-time down to under 6 hours, and it isn’t unusual to for me to get less than 5.  That makes it much harder the next night to stay up late and write, and the cycle continues, turning into a pretty brutal fight with myself to sit down and pick up the pen.

I’ve switched to this schedule to make some repairs on the house, and folks don’t mind so much if you bang on things and run power tools when the sun is up.  The repairs are nearly done, so I think I am going to make a change and book my writing time for the middle of the day.

A recurring theme in this blog has been the hurdles I set up for myself and how I try and bludgeon them into submission.  This solution feels more like a surgical response.  We’ll see how it goes.