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I’m having issues. Some are relatively minor, like sitting down and writing. The solution for something like this is… sit down and write. When I can do that, the individual words come without too much struggle.

I consider myself pretty fortunate that, barring any unusual environmental influences (the room is too hot, the wife and kids interrupt me, a Mad Max marathon is on the telly), I find it not too difficult to put words on a page.

Where I’m having my biggest issue is with the story itself. Even though I know I’m going to make major revisions during the rewrite, getting anything to happen outside of a small circle of endless, repetitive actions is proving difficult.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve decided the story is too ‘small’ for the size of the group I had intended it for. I need maybe ten characters to draw on, not a potential cast of hundreds. They aren’t necessary to the story. And too much of it is focusing on a very small geographic area on a great big wide open new planet with lots of stuff to explore. I think some of the concepts I’m exploring are pretty cool, and I don’t think I’ve seen any of them, or any of them presented the way I am trying to, but the story itself is becoming tedious.

Essentially, I’ve painted myself into a corner. Short of using an evil Deus Ex Machina that reaches down from the heavens and causes some sort of unforeseen havoc on my characters, I’m not sure what to do.

I hate that.

Maybe it’s time for an alien invasion, or an attack by giant crab creatures, or the food processors start poisoning everyone. I don’t know.

If you’ve got an idea you’d like to share about how you’ve gotten out of a hole you’ve dug for yourself, I wouldn’t mind hearing about it. Otherwise I fear I am doomed to another 100 pages of more of the same.

There is of course the possibility that is the work I’m doing while searching for my story. Important work that will get me to where I need to go, or even just put me on the path to where I can get there. That might be the one thing that is keeping me going – the hope that It is out there, somewhere, waiting for me to find it.

We’ll see.