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It is so damn easy to make excuses to NOT write. Probably the easiest thing in the world is to find a reason to not sit down and knock out your 500-, 1000-, 1500-, or- whatever-words-in-a-day goal you’ve set for yourself.

I had this problem the past three days. The family went camping over the past weekend. Friday’s excuse was ‘I’m tired from setting up camp.’ Saturday afternoon, it was ‘I just went on a five-mile hike and I’m too tired.’ On Sunday, after we got home, I told myself ‘I just got home and I’m tired.’

As a result, faced with an opportunity (especially on Saturday), to get some real work done, I didn’t. Instead of getting anywhere from 1000-5000 words on paper, I didn’t get anything done. Nothing at all.

And that is depressing.

We, as writers, need to fight through the bad spells and stop making excuses to not write. Otherwise we risk becoming one of Those That Talk About Writing instead of Actually Being a Writer.

And that is even more depressing.

I will henceforth endeavour to do better, and to write every day, no matter what it takes. In hindsight, the complete break I took from writing during the World Cup was a bad decision. I should have squeezed the time in, if for nothing else than to keep myself in the habit. Now, I’m back on square one trying to get that unconscious habit, the internal drive to write every day, built back up.