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It hasn’t been too hard getting back into the saddle. Other than finding some quiet time, (and who doesn’t have that problem?), getting back into The Novel hasn’t been as difficult as I’d expected. Some review of the last pages from a month ago and I was right back at it, with some reasonable progress made.

Almost 1700 words yesterday, and almost 900 today.

And, I’ve discovered something that moved the story along. It will be much smoothed out during the rewrite(s), but I took Kurt Vonnegut’s advice and acted sadistically towards one of my characters, a minor character but a significant one. That has stirred up a hornet’s nest of ideas and complications and speed things up a fair bit.

It is wonderful when someone that is considered an expert in their field is proven to have known what they were talking about. It is near equal to when you realize your father knows more than you thought he did. For me, I discovered that at age 17 after the third time a Drill Instructor put his boot in my ass in a given day. Your mileage may vary.