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Conflict is a horrible thing, especially when it is two things you want that are in competition.  On the one hand, I have The Novel. On the other that once-in-every-four-years extravaganza known as the World Cup.

The reason for my wanting to be done with the former in the middle of last month is because of the latter.  I was certain that I would get nothing done writing-wise during the month of the World Cup, and two days into it, I am proving myself correct.  The siren-call of international football has drawn me away from the writing desk.

The problem mainly lies in the fact that I didn’t finish The Novel, as previously mentioned, at or about 100,000 words. If I had a better grip on the middle part of my story, I wouldn’t be wandering through the wilderness of discovery right now, and would instead be in the midst of a nice fermentation period.  I have mentioned my regret for not producing an outline before starting the project, but I think that path has its own obstacles.

For one, there are a number of things I’ve determined, or ‘discovered’ about my characters through happenstance that would not have been revealed, and at least one character that wouldn’t exist altogether, if I had been following a pre-determined plan of action.

Second, the path the story has decided to take is more interesting than expected.  There have been pleasant developments that I couldn’t have foreseen or probably would not have found and that will lead to more interesting avenues down the road.

Anyway, that is the latest struggle, and I have more sympathy now for those who are obsessive about basketball in March or American football in the fall.  I will work on dealing with it and report back when I know more.