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I wish I could say that I found myself in the south of France, or the rear deck of a fishing boat off the coast of Cuba, or someplace Equally Cool, and that is where I Found My Muse and life is now Glorious and Wonderful and I can’t stop the words from pouring out oh-god-please-please-please-make-them-stop.

But I can’t.

What I can say is that I did get over the previously mentioned rough patch and the words, while they didn’t exactly vomit themselves onto the page, came considerably easier than the two days before.

What did I do?  To where did I get whisked away to?

My dining room table, with a pad and pen.  Instead of sitting in front of the computer for two hours fighting with it, I parked myself downstairs in the middle of the household hustle and bustle and wrote longhand. In cursive. I never write in cursive.  Last night I did, though, and had a pretty good run of it.

The yellow paper, the pen in my hand (I splurged and bought four Foray On-Points for $4. Normally I use the clear bic pens you can buy for 25¢ a dozen. I digress.) and the words just kept coming. It’s another kind of writing, one that I had forgotten, and I like. I understand why so many writers still do it that way. Edits on the fly are easier – think it and it happens.  An all around wonderful experience.

The best part is that last night I nearly equaled the previous two days’ production in one sitting.  1150-ish total on Tuesday and Wednesday. 950-ish last night alone.  Which doesn’t suck.

Anyway, there’s another tool for the toolbox.  When all else fails, try something different. If the words aren’t coming sitting at the computer, go somewhere else with pen and paper. If the pen isn’t serving you, go to the computer. Use Morse code. Semaphore. Smoke signals.

Do whatever it takes to get yourself going again.  The only way you’ll get to the end is if you do the work. Use whatever you have to get it done.


PS – I recently noticed that I have a fair amount more followers than I thought I did, and most are subscribed by email. If anyone has anything they’d like me to look into and don’t feel like commenting, you can email me directly at jgglass@outlook.com.