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It seems like I comment on this problem with some regularity, but I am again being visited by The Un-Desire to Write.  This is unfortunate, because I go through my day looking forward to it.  I can hardly wait to get home and get to the computer and pound on the keyboard for awhile.

But then I get home and just can’t do it.  In fact, I am typing this post instead of working on The Novel, but it isn’t Demon Procrastination raising his ugly head, and I don’t think it’s writer’s block.

It might have something to do with the heat. It was in the low 90’s today (that’s about 33*C for you metric oriented folk), and is going to approach 100* by the end of the week.

It could be that I just feel like crap.  I’m not sick, but I don’t feel quite myself if that makes any sense.

This has been going on for a couple of days. Between the last two I have written barely 1400 words.  Last week that would have been a decent day for me. Now I can’t do it in two.

I want to take a break, but I know starting next week I won’t get much done at all for about a month (The World Cup. YAY!) so I can’t justify any time away right now.

I am going to sit here for the next hour and a half or so and see what happens. Just me, the blank screen, and the voices in my head. Maybe they’ll speak to me.  Maybe they’ll stay muted in the background.

 hope they decide to come out and play.  

It sure as hell makes things a lot easier when there is work to be done.