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The first calendar month of what I would consider to be dedicated more sharply to writing has come and gone. In general, there is some pretty positive news to come out of it and provides support to the ‘write every day’ argument. That was my primary goal during the month – writing every day, and write in the neighborhood of 1500 words per day.

The total words I got into The Novel from May 1 to May 31 was 34,921.  That was an equivalent to about 50% of the output I had had over the previous five months when I was only writing when ‘I felt like it.’

Average number of words per calendar day was 1,126, compared to about 645 per day in the five months before.  The number of words written on a day that work on The Novel happened was 1,518. I wrote on 23 days during May, missing 8 for various reasons – usually because I was just too damn tired after refereeing at my son’s soccer tournaments.

I hit my 100,000 word goal, as previously discussed, on May 23rd, six days after the deadline I had set for myself.

The current word count after tonight’s session is 107,099.  That includes two missed days this past weekend (soccer tourney – last one of the year), and three sub-optimal writing days of less than 1100 words, which I definitely need to have less of.

In hindsight, the dedication has paid off.  A significant amount of work got done, a milestone was crossed, and daily writing has become a habit, if not a need that is missed when I don’t get to it.

The Novel still needs much work before this draft is done.  A fear has crept into my mind that it might reach 200,000 words before I get to the ‘end.’  But it isn’t as daunting as it was a month or six months ago.  I know now that if I put in the work, I will get there eventually.

It is, as always, entirely up to me and my willingness to plop my ass down in the chair and punch the keys.