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An exciting day today, at least for me.

I think I have decided on a title for The Novel.  I had called it merely ‘Title’ for the first several months of its life, then went with something that I knew would only be a working title. That name is what occupied the prime real estate on the front page of The Novel until today.

And today it came to me in a flash what the name should be. And it just… fit.  It perfectly encompassed the scale of the story I am trying to tell – not too big, not too small – and conveys an idea of some of the subtleties of what it’s about once you kind of knew the story.  Like a logline for the logline.

It isn’t going to affect the current draft of the story much, but it will be a big influence on the first rewrite. I expect it to provide some direction and focus.

I’ve never liked talking about anything I work on, whether a writing project or otherwise, until it is done. It isn’t a coy I-know-a-secret-and-you-don’t kind of thing, but instead a ‘talking about writing vs. actually writing’ thing.  I’m afraid that if I discuss any of it, it won’t make it to the page.

And that just won’t do.

At some point it will be a topic for conversation, but not today.

I am curious if anyone else has felt a flood of emotion over something so simple as selecting a title. If so, please feel free to make mention of it in the comments section.