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I didn’t write over the weekend except for in the daily journal.

In one fell swoop I knocked my words-per-day-to-reach-my-goal count up over 3000 words.  That makes it near unreachable, at least based on what my typical production has been.

I don’t think I’ll give up though. I can still try.  If I try, I might make it.  If I don’t, I surely won’t.

The Novel won’t be Done by my arbitrary deadline of this Saturday. The first draft I’m expecting to end up at about 120k words. With that extra 20k tacked on, I’m shooting for mid-June to have it done and in the drawer ‘fermenting.’

Regardless, we’ve still got our sights set for hitting 100k this Saturday.  Reminds of being in high school and starting a term paper the night before it’s due.  At 10pm.  I recall that I did all right under that kind of pressure, but that is writing for school and not publication, which is Something Completely Different.

It is going to be a fight.  To get 3000 words in, that might be as much as 5 hours at the computer every day.

I’m not going to like this week very much, but this is something we will all have to deal with at some point if we want to be published.  If we don’t, and we’re just writing ‘for fun,’ then it doesn’t matter one whit, but some editor isn’t going to care that I ‘just wasn’t feeling it’ today, or this week, or this month when a deadline nears, looms, and passes.

Lesson learned (again). This time it might stick.  It’s better to write a little every day than to try and write a lot when you’re under the gun.  Some people might look forward to that kind of pressure. 

Not me.