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Major struggle the last few days with writing.  Not the writing itself, per se, but the sitting down and doing it part.  Lots of ideas running through my head – where to take The Novel, bits about characters, plots, scenes, settings, etc.  All good grist for the mill, but I had absolutely no desire to sit down and put any of it on paper.

The only thing I managed to do over the weekend that even marginally ‘counted for score’ was doing a little journal work.  Perhaps 1-200 words each day is all, and it wasn’t related to any project I have going on right now. It was so painful to write that I almost didn’t put an entry in yesterday, but I did manage to get something down before bed late last night at about 1130pm, about as close to the next day as I could possibly get.

This morning I got up feeling glum about Things in General. I felt hopelessly stuck and nothing was going anywhere and never would go anywhere ever-ever-ever.

In a fit of self-flagellation, I did the math on The Novel to see how far behind I had gotten.  If I wrote nothing today, I would have to put in 1750 words per day to make my goal for the middle of next month.  When I initially set it I had to write about 1225 words each day to get to 100k in a timely fashion.  Factor in two weekends of soccer tournaments, another day missed for no reason, and two days of sub-optimal production and that daily number jumped by more than 400 words.

Most unpleasant.

With that painful reality in mind, I knew I had to at least try. Even 500 words today would be better than nothing. I would be moving forward at the very least.  

The aliens in old movies used to say ‘resistance is futile.’ Resisting had been kind of nice the last several days, but I was paying for it now.

This evening I fired up the computer and sat down to stare at the keyboard. About two hours later, I had just over 1700 words in. Much better than I expected.  Much, much better.

One of the better pieces of advice that I see frequently is to sit down and write.  It’s the thing that separates people who are writers from people who like to talk about writing.  I have to say that I like being able to prove an adage true.

As of today, the daily goal still hovers at about 1650 words per day.  Not as nice as 1225, but better than 1750.

Like so many things, if I just sit down and do it, I might make my goal.  If I choose not to (and it certainly is my choice), then I most definitely won’t.

It is entirely up to me, just like it is entirely up to you.