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Over the weekend, I printed out copies of The Script and got them into the mail to my Trusted Friends.  While I was going through the process of punching, fastening, and packaging said copies for shipping, I had a pleasant sensation wash over me.


Not in the Seven Deadly Sins context, but the pride of accomplishment, of having created Something.  There before me was 115 pages of typed manuscript relating a story that I felt worth telling, and hopefully told well.  Even if it did turn out to be utter crap, it was something.  If someone asks what I did (outside of work), I can now say ‘I’ve written a screenplay’ rather than ‘I’m writing a screenplay.’

The difference is enormous, at least to me.  Here in Southern California you can’t throw a stick into a restaurant without hitting a waiter or waitress that is ‘writing a screenplay.’ Everyone seems to be writing something, or at least talking about writing something.  It’s hard to tell who has actually put pen to paper and started on the next ‘Citizen Kane,’ much less finished it.

Assuming for a moment that The Script isn’t complete garbage, and I can salvage something out of it from the ravaging I’m expecting from my Trusted Friends (hope for the best, plan for the worst), there is still a long road ahead of me before I can start flogging it for sale, which must be done at some point if one actually wants to make a living as a writer. 

As I travel that road, I’m sure there will be several more posts about Fear and being Terrified and the like, but surely more posts about success and good vibes and things going well in general along the way, like today’s.

We’ll see.


PS – if anyone has anything in particular they’d like to know or have a question they think I might have some insight on, please ask in the comments.  Even if you have an observation you’d like to make, I’d love to hear it.