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The one thing I’ve figured out in my brief but glorious career as a writer is this: It is impossible to get things done if you don’t actually sit down and do them.  The book, the short story, the screenplay, whatever, won’t ever happen if you don’t sit down and do it at some point. I have found it easy to fall into the trap of talking about writing something, and then never actually produce that something because you’re too busy talking about it.  It happened in the early stages of The Screenplay, and in hindsight definitely got in the way of the writing.

My solution? Don’t talk about it. Just do it.  If I don’t talk about it, if I keep it Private and Secret and All To Myself, it makes it easier, for me anyway, to push myself to plop myself down with a pen or keyboard and start working away.  I’m the only one that has any expectations, and no one feels any pressure to ask ‘how’s that project going?’

I admit to having this fantasy that one day I will just announce ‘X has gone to the publisher,’ or ‘Y starts filming on Tuesday,’ with no prelude or warning or prior announcement. Kind of drop the mic and walk off the stage to a flurry of WTFs and OMGs. So, I don’t talk about it much, other than the occasional cryptic announcement, such as ‘in case you were wondering, 100 pages of double-spaced courier has about 25000 words’ and nothing else.

Anyway, this the suggestion I have for anyone that has something tucked in the back of your head that you want to get on paper:  Don’t talk about it any more.  Just sit down and do it.


PS – I realize that starting this blog might violate the ‘First Rule of Writing,’ but I don’t think it does.  I began this little side project to talk about writing, not about what I’m writing, other than the form, and maybe engage in some conversations about style, format, and pacing for now, and maybe searching for agents, dealing with publishers, and the like at some point down the road, if I ever get that far.